Upcoming Lesson Shilhouette Pastel 29th June

I will hold the Silhouette Pastel created by Mis Seiko Kunieda.

Black silhouette(shadow) has good impression, and you can enjoy to draw many colors you like.

This is for Workshop, anyone can take this lesson, and after you took this lesson,you can hold this workshop as well.

Date : 29 June 2019(Sat) 10:00 – around 12:00(JPN time) Miao on the Moonlight 13:00 – around 15:00 (JPN time) The Fairy on the Water Surface

Application Deadline : 31 May

Silhouette Pastel

*Miao on the Moonlight

You can choice 1 pieces in this lesson.  But you can draw other one after lesson.

*The Fairy on the Water Surface

*Who can take these course?
Anyone can take this workshop

*After taking this lesson
You can sell and exhibit your art pieces.
And you can hold this lesson.

About 2 hours/1pieces

(In case of taking only 1 lesson)

6,000yen / 1pieces
(Including Material+Online Fee+Postage) / 1pieces + transfer fee

If you take On-line lesson, please bear the pay paypal fee(4%) per lesson.
6,000yen+ paypal commition+4% = 6,240yen

—–Total 6,240yen / 1piece

(In case of taking both of 2 lessons)
6,000yen + 6000yen = 12000yen  → 10,000yen
+ transfer fee
(Including Material+Online Fee+Postage) / 2pieces + transfer fee
please bear the pay paypal fee(4%) per lesson.

——Total 10,400yen / 2 pieces

*Application Flow

Application → payment → Payment confirmation → Shipment of Materials(I send you needed materials) →Workshop

It takes about 25 days or more from application to workshop held because of shipment materials.
So please apply early.

Thank you.