This textbook comes with three types of templates.
This butterfly was born from the thought of “I want you to make a beautiful work in a short time regardless of whether you are a pastel beginner or an experienced person” and “Use the graceful world of butterflies to express pastel” .

*Who can take this text book lesson?
Anyone can take

*After completion of the course
You can learn how to draw the many kind of elegant butterfly

You can hold the trial lesson(workshop) with templete.

Sample for workshop

7,900yen include registered postage fee & Paypal transfer fee.

* I will send the text book with templete(Basic, Applied, Bunus-3 types of templete).
* You can use Basic and Applied templete in your workshop.
* Bonus templete is Bonus for whom bought Elegant Butterfly Textbook.
*If you want to hold this workshop, please by extra templete after this text book lesson.
*Proxy purchase, copy, reproduction, resale, or transfer of text or templates is prohibited
*Please wait 2 weeks or more after your payment(It depends on the Country)

You can add the Folower of Crystal works.

(I have permission from Mrs, Ishimaru, the Flower of Crystal representative)

*** Han-nari Butterfly ***
“Han-nari Butterfly” is the Japanese pattern motif for workshop.
HeART GARDEN, Kimie Aso can hold this workshop.

You can hold Han-nari Butterfly workshop after you take this workshop.

I held online Han-nari workshop New year 2020.

Now, I hold this workshop 3,500yen+500yen(transfer fee).

Please feel free to contact me.