Pastel Art - HeART GARDEN Fukuoka, Japan - Lights and Flowers Pastel Art

The magical color from finger tips with pastels is so amazing!

I’ve been providing lessons of Pastel arts and kaleidoscope making since 2011.

More than 200 lessons I hold, also provide original lessons for not only Japanese but also overseas people.

Located 4min to walk from Ohashi train station in Fukuoka-city, Japan.

Face to face and online lesson available.

Anyone can draw and paint pastel arts without difficult technique!

Let’s enjoy together!

My simple blog in English ver. → https://pastelart-japan.blogspot.com/

Muse Pastel

Original Lesson of HeART GARDEN. Basic Lesson and Portrait Lesson.

The Flower of Crystal

Useful and beneficial lessons of the Parter of the Flower of Crystal Art Academy.

Oil Type Kaleidoscope

You can make your own oil type of kaleidoscope.