The TOKA(The flower of transparent)FAIRY Lesson(The flower of crystal arrenged lesson)

The TOKA FAIRY lesson was born to mix the flower of transparent and the Fairy.

The flower of transparent was created by Rumi Ishimaru, and I combined this flower and Fairy.

In this lesson, you can learned the review of the flower of transparent, and how to draw the face easily.

*What’s Course contents

1. The one color flower of transparent Girl Fairy

2. The rainbow color flower of transparent Lady Fairy

*Who can take this course?

Anyone who has completed TOKA(The flower of transparent) variation course

(Anyone who has completed the pastel certification can take TOKA variation)

*After completion of the course

You can sell and exhibit your art pieces.

If you take the flower of crystal teacher course, you can teach the TOKA Fairy Workshop and this lesson.


About 6-7 hours(Lunchtime included)


25,000yen (new fee from 2019)
(lesson fee 20,000yen certification fee 5,000yen)

If you take on-line lesson, please bear the online fee(3,000yen).

It changed the new fee from 2019,
I bear the transfer fee of paypal(4%).

The TOKA(the flower of transparent)FAIRY

25,000yen + Online Fee3000yen = 28,000yen

Total 28,000yen(in case of On-line lesson)

Please understand that we receive the on-line lesson fee to make balance our business trips’students who come to Fukuoka, Japan.

Pay pal is convenience for us.

but it is possible to transfer to post office or bank in Japan if you can.  Please bear the transfer fee in case of bank transfer.

The  face to face lesson is just 25,000yen.

Please came to Fukuoka, Japan. My classroom is near the Ohashi station. It takes 30min from Fukuoka airport by subway and train.

I want you to know the Japanese nice places and I want to see you directry if possible.

Contact me from here.