Crystal Flower Pastel Art

The Crystal Flower Pastel Art is the original method and founded by Rumi ISHIMARU who is in Ehime prefecture.

She is a founder of The Flower of Crystal Art Academy.

There are several methods of painting and drawing flowers and contain unique and special skills.

I have been learned from her and also have been held many lessons as a teacher.


2012.May: Flower of Crystal Meister Course and  Grand Meister Course

2015.September: licensed partner school of The Flower of Crystal Art Academy

2018.February: Created one of a lesson which is “Flower of Transparent Fairy”

2018.December: Licensed premium partner school of  The Flower of Crystal Art Academy. Hold more than 200 lessons at this time. Provide an online lesson in English.

Click below pics for each course of lessons.


Meister Course – – – Anyone who knows how to use pastel can take this lesson.



Teacher Course – – –


Flower of Transparent Variation (Toka Variation)  透花バリエ(グランマイスター/応用講座)

Flower of Transparent Fairy (Toka Fairy)  透花フェアリー(グランマイスター/応用アレンジ講座)

Flower of Transparent Collaboration(Toka Collaboration)   透花コラボ(グランマイスター/応用講座)

Flower of Wings翼の花 (グランマイスター講座)

Flower of Faily  妖精の花 (グランマイスター/応用講座)

Flower of Window 窓花(グランマイスター/応用講座)

Take the “Teacher course” and “Meister course”, you can get 5000yen discount.
For detail, please contact me.


Some of the courses have Facebook group and communicate with the members.

Here in Fukuoka, we had exhibitions of The Crystal Flower of Art in 2016 and 2018.

Every month I have a drawing time with people who love pastel painting.

Let’s get started with me!

Kimie Aso – HeART GARDEN