Muse Pastel~Basic Lesson

I created original lessons– Muse Pastel – Basic Lesson of Pastel.


  Basic First Lesson No.1

You will learn many theories and techniques about the basic methods of drawing, erasing, transparent, gradation, and expression.

Artworks: Apple

Basic First Lesson No.2
You can learn Tips of Color theory, and practice
to make gradation and mixing colors.
Let’s express light and shodow.
Artworks: Northern lights(Aurora)
Basic Second Lesson No.3
Let’s use Colored pencils effectively.
And you can learn how to draw shadow.Artworks: Lucky clover and water drops
Basic Second Lesson No.4
You can learn how to capture object and draw.
Artworks: Lotus


No qualification is needed, anyone can attend.

***Required time

4-5 hours(each lesson)


1. Drawing Line
2. Practice cutting
3. One-Color Gradation – Painting, Erasing and make gradation
4, Rainbow-Color Gradation
5. Paint-gradation and Erase-gradation
6. How to draw 3D – how to capture light & shade/shadow

This program is best designed for the following students:

⧪ Beginner of pastel art
⧪ Those who have already learned pastel, but want to know the basics knowledge and techniques
⧪ Those who have already learned pastel but struggling on expressing the ideas with Pastel drawing techniques
⧪ Those who want to learn the techniques of applying shadows in pastel
⧪ Those who want to become pastel instructors
⧪ Those who would like to teach courses for pastel beginners
⧪ Those who want to learn how to use pastel tools effectively

Drawing Apple is not purpuse, by taking a lesson, you will be able to draw a wonderful apple picture as a result.

⥥ student’s works

***Lesson Fee
10,000yen(Each lesson)
(If you use Paypal, please bear paypal transfer fee +500yen)

Set Discount
No.1 & No.2 Lessons  or No.3 & No.4 lessons… 20,000yen → 19,000yen(Include registration fee1,500yen)
No.1 – 4 Lessons 40,000yen → 36,000yen(Include certification fee 3,000yen)

If you take online lesson, you had better to use Handy camera.

***After this lesson
After all lessons, you can becase Muse pastel 1st teacher(this is certification coursse)
and you can teach Basic 1st lessons.

And you also take Brush-up lesson for pastelart progress.
After taking 3 Brush-up lessons, you can become Muse pastel 2nd teacher.
2nd Teacher can teach all lessons.