Purpose of LessonToday we are going to learn more techniques, in addition to last Basic Lesson.
It will help you improve your powers of observation .
Once you get this technique, It will Spread your Artistic Wings!
And also it is useful for making motifs.
Art has no limits but if you have unlimited learning and drawings, you definitely improve.

*** Lesson Contents ***
1. Tips of Colors – Color Wheel, etc
2. Practice with Colored Pencils
3. How to capture object and drawing
4. Deformation
5. Copyright – Need to know as Pastel teacher
6. Rainbow-Color Gradation with 3 Colors
7. Draw Aurora
8. Free Energy Art

*** Qualification ***
Anyone who complited Pastel Basic Lesson

*** Required time ***
About 5-6 hours(include lunch time)

*** After completion of this lesson ***
You can hold Pastel Basic Lesson as Muse Pastel Teacher.
Also can hold Portrait Lesson and Rainbow Angel Lesson that you have taken.
You can take Brush-Up Lesson.
After you have taken 3 brush-up lessons, you can hold Basic Second Lesson(Certification Fee 3,000yen).

*** Lesson Fee ***
20,000yen(include Certification Fee2,000yen)
Set Discount — Basic Lesson(18,000yen) + Basic Second Lesson(20,000)
Discount -2,000yen

Online Fee 1,000yen / 1 lesson, in case of Zoom online lesson

If you take online lesson, you had better to use handy camera.

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